Responsibilites of Patients

Everybody applying for health care to this Healthcare Organization has responsibilities:

General Responsibilities:
. People should do their best to take care of their health and should comply with the recommendations for a healthy life.
. People can donate blood or can be organ donor if appropriate.
. People should do their own cares in simple cases.

Social Security Status:
. The patient must notify the changes about health, social security status and personal information on time.
. The patient must do the visa of the health record (Bağ-Kur, Yeşil Kart etc…) on time.

Informing Health Care Professionals:
. The patient must give full and complete information about his/her previously diseases, whether he got any inpatient treatment or whether he uses medications and everything about his health.

Following the Rules of Hospital:
. The patient must obey the rules of hospital he applied.
. The patient must obey the referral chain set by the Ministry of Health and the other health care institutions.
.The patient is expected to be in collaboration with the health care professionals through the process of treatment, care and rehabilitation.
. If the patient is taking advantage of a health facility serving by appointment, he must comply with the date and time of the appointment and must report the changes to the related department.
. The patient must respect the rights of the hospital staff, other patients and visitors.
. The patients must make restitution of hospital supplies which is damaged by the patient.

Complying With The Advices About His/Her Treatment:
. The patient should listen to the advices about his treatment and medications carefully and should ask the issues he/she did not understand.
. If the patient cannot adapt the suggestions about his/her treatment, the patient should notify to medical staff.
. The patient should indicate whether he understood the health care and the discharge period care plan.
.The patient is responsible for the results of the refusal of treatment or not complying with the advices.

This notification was prepared within the framework of the decisions taken by Amsterdam Manifesto with numbered 23420 Patients’ Rights Declaration of The Ministry of Health.

Update Date: 5/27/2013 2:03:42 PM