Nutrition and Diet Outpatient Clinic

Nutrition and Diet Outpatient Clinic of Private Sani Konukoğlu Hospital oversees dietary practices in the treatment for inpatients and outpatients, in line with developments in the science of nutrition in order to support the healing process, while aiming to create awareness of healthy nutrition in the society by improving the quality of life of individuals and patients who are discharged.

Individuals applying to our Nutrition and Diet Outpatient Clinic are delivered weight loss programs, including weekly follow-ups, as they desire. In addition, for those who are admitted to our clinic as patients, tailored diet plans are prepared according to the nature of the disease. The diet plans are made in the light of necessary tests and taking into account the socioeconomic status of the patient in an effort to present a healthy and customized diet program. For this purpose, Nutrition and Diet Clinic prepares a personalized diet plan and aims to propagate healthy nutrition and ensure a change in the nutrition behaviors of people who are admitted with ongoing health problems. A detailed examination of nutritional habits is the initial step taken. Body fat, muscle, water ratios and the current distribution of fat in the body are determined for individuals who wish to get nutritional counseling, and the "customized nutrition therapy" plan is designed with due consideration of age, height, sex, physical activity and blood test results, and follow-up is carried out on a regular basis. In addition, nutrition programs are planned for patients with specific conditions such as diabetes, pregnancy and lactation period, childhood and adolescent; patients are trained and follow-up is ensured.

Nutrition and Diet Services For Inpatients

After the patient is admitted, physicians and nurses of the Nutrition and Diet Department collaborate in a multidisciplinary fashion and the patient- and disease-specific nutrition plan is designed by a nutritionist. The nutrition plan is implemented and the patient is monitored through regular visits. During regular visits, nutritional status of the patient is monitored and the patient and the attendant are informed regarding all stages of the diet. If necessary, the patient is given the dietary training verbally and in writing before patient is discharged from the hospital. Diets of inpatients are determined by a nutritionist. Meals are cooked under hygienic conditions at the hospital, and they are delivered to rooms on covered trays to prevent heat loss, distributed by the room service personnel under the supervision of a dietician. Patient satisfaction is of great importance in the Nutrition and Diet Outpatient Clinic, as it is in every department of Private Sani Konukoğlu Hospital. Therefore, in order to measure patient satisfaction, Nutrition and Diet Survey Forms are also delivered to the patients on the food trays.

Staff Catering and Restaurant Services

Monthly meal lists are issued by a dietician for personnel of private Sani Konukoğlu Hospital and the food is served at the table d'hôte restaurant. For companions, a la carte restaurant service is available.

Phone: 0342 211 50 00 (5344-2154)

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