Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine Unit is an imaging unit that helps diagnosing diseases and reveals information on functioning of organs. To serve this purpose, radioactive drugs are administered at low doses enough to avoid damaging the body. The organs are thus evaluated on whether they fully function or not. Angiography and radiology reveal information on stenosis, strictures and anatomic (structural) damages of organs respectively whereas in nuclear medicine, functioning problems can be determined in even normally structured organs. 

The Main Diagnostic Tests Done in Nuclear Medicine Department:

 Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy SPECT (MPS)

Thyroid Scintigraphy

Bone Scintigraphy

Renal Scintigraphy

Pulmonary Scintigraphy

Cranial Scintigraphy

Gastrointestinal System Scintigraphies

Nuclear medicine is one of the fastest advancing branches of medicine and benefits a lot from the present technology. In our hospital, a unit embracing this appropriate scientific infrastructure is constructed. All organ systems are analyzed using a soft gamma camera (E.CAM; Siemens).

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