Message From The General Manager

Founded in 1993, Private Sani Konukoğlu Hospital is Turkey's largest private hospital operating on an area of 60,000 square meters, and the hospital is characterized with 600 beds, 17 ORs, 103 intensive care beds, state of the art medical equipment, 120 inpatient clinic rooms and 700 healthcare professionals with top notch expertise; thus, our hospital is enjoying  the justified pride in delivering services to people, not only in Gaziantep and provinces in the region, but also for the people of neighboring countries.

Operating in the light of statement made by the founder of Sanko Holding, the late Mr. Sani Konukoğlu,  "Those cannot judge the value of hospital, if they had never waited at the door of hospital", Private Sani Konukoğlu Hospital has been the leading institution across the healthcare industry since 1996, providing the diagnosis and treatment options "in the shortest time period", "at the most affordable price levels" in a genial, dedicated and reliable environment with medical equipment to meet the expectations of patients.

Our "First Class" Hospital serves patients in two buildings, which were constructed by making tremendous investments, and we are surely proud to succeed in disciplines such as cardiovascular surgery, organ transplantation, cardiology, orthopedics and traumatology, obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery along with the other branches we serve not only in Gaziantep, but also along the country.

Being epitome of many innovations and novelties in the healthcare sector, Private Sani Konukoğlu Hospital is committed to raise the bar continuously up to even higher levels of service quality. We are aware that there can be no limit for health care, and therefore, with your support, we are setting much challenging goals in our future plans.

Under the title of Private Sani Konukoğlu Hospital, we are proud to underline following motto...

“Quality in Healthcare... “

Dr. Yusuf Ziya YILDIRIM

General Manager

Update Date: 7/26/2018 1:12:23 PM