In vitro Fretilization (IVF) Center

Sani Konukoğlu Hospital IVF Center, aims to help parents unable to bear children successfully the natural way, to have healthy kids with the aid of the most advanced technology. First, the cause of infertility is determined, and then, the best way of treatment for the family is chosen (drug treatment, insemination, TESA/TESE (testicular sperm aspiration / extraction), IVF, microinjection).

Advances in technology provide new approaches in all aspects of medicine and IVF has its share.

People craving for babies are getting good results with the recent developments in the IVF center. As impossible as some may appear, scientists’ concentrated work enables even those parents to have babies in the end too. For this purpose, incubators and culture media prepared using advanced technology are being used. The excess embryos are frozen and kept in a place to be transferred to future mother-to-be’s.

If no sperms are revelaed in the analysis of a male patient, he can have the TESE procedure, sperm can thus be found, and eventually child-bearing becomes possible.

For IVF to proceed into production of an embryo, an egg, a uterus and sperms are necessary in the first place. The female patient is prepared under sterile operating room conditions, her ovaries are aspirated, the specimen is analyzed under a microscope and appropriate choice of oocytes is thus obtained.

The production of culture media to satisfy all the needs of the sperm, the egg, and the embryo, the use of laser technology, the determination of some genetic diseases early on the process (preimplantation genetic diagnosis), are procedures all of which are succesfully pursued in Sani Konukoğlu Hospital IVF center.

This first IVF center in the eastern and southeastern parts of Turkey started functioning in the year 2001 and ended the longing for children for certain families.

Through a long process starting with the onset of pregnancy and ending when a healthy baby is delivered, a team of expert specialists are always there to provide both medical and psychological support for the expecting family.

For the baby to be delivered in a healthy way and survive, the appropriate conditions are provided in the delivery rooms, the operating rooms and the ICUs. The tests necessary to be run in order to determine the reason of infertility are all done in Sani Konukoğlu Hospital.

Now with the affiliation of the Social Security Corporation, civil servants and patients who have insurances of SSK and Bağ-Kur can also benefit from our IVF center.

Phone:0.342.211 50 00 (5116-5117)

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