M.D.Professor Zarema KARBEN


Born in 1960 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Prof. Karben finished high school in 1977 and graduated from Kyrgyzstan University Medical School in 1983. She continued her medical education in Kyrgyzstan, and qualified as a cardiologist, gained her PhD and became an associate professor. In 1993, as part of the TUB─░TAK Doprog program, she started work as a foreign lecturer in cardiology at Çukurova University. In 1995 she was granted Turkish citizenship and gained a Foreign Equivalency Certificate for her medical school diploma. In 1997 she obtained a Foreign Equivalency Certificate for her cardiology specialist qualification from Çukurova University and started work as a cardiologist at Gaziantep Sani Konuko─člu Private Hospital. In 2014 her associate professorship title was certificated and in March 2015 she was appointed as a professor of cardiology at SANKO University, Medical School Internal Medical Sciences Division. Prof. Karben, who is married and has one child, has a special interest in pulmonary hypertension and methods for its detection and evaluation. She has published papers on these subjects both nationally and internationally.