M.D.Assoc.Prof. Ali İrfan GÜZEL


He was born in Hatay in 1977. He attended primary, secondary and high schools in Hatay. He started attending School of Medicine, Hacettepe University in 1995. He was graduated from residency education for Gynecology and Obstetrics in Dicle University and he completed the conscription in Ergani.

After he successfully passed the Chief Resident Exam, he started carrying out his duty in Ankara Zekai Burak Gynecology Teaching and Research Hospital. He was awarded the title “Associate Professor” in 2015. He has authored approximately 150 scientific articles, in 85 in international journals, that are numerously cited.

He worked at private hospitals in İzmir for 2 years and in Hatay for 1 year Assoc. Prof. Güzel, M.D., started admitting patients in SANKO University Sani Konukoğlu Practice and Research Hospital on September 2018 and he is interested in high risk pregnancies, laparoscopic and histeroscopic surgeries, treatment of genital sagging and urinary incontinence, and diagnosis and treatment for infertility.

Assoc. Prof. Güzel, M.D., is married with 3 daughters, and his wife is a neurologist.