M.D.Professor Mehmet YILMAZ


He was born in Gaziantep. He attended primary, secondary and high schools in Gaziantep. He was graduated from School of Medicine, Çukurova University in 1984. He started his residency in Internal Medicine Department and Hematology Department in Ankara Numune Teaching and Research Hospital in 1995.

After completing the residency education in field of Hematology, he worked in Gaziantep Public Hospitals Union Ersin Aslan Teaching and Research Hospital as Hematologist for one year in 2003. He founded Hematology Division in School of Medicine of Gaziantep University in 2004.

He studied stem cell and therapeutic apheresis in Leiden Medical Center in the Netherlands for 3 months in 2007. He was awarded the title “Associate Professor” in 2007. He studied bone marrow transplantation in Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit of Hematology Department, School of Medicine, Erciyes University from 2008 to 2009. He took role as deputy head in the foundation of bone marrow transplantation center in School of Medicine of Gaziantep University on September 2009. Upon enactment of therapeutic apheresis regulation on March 2010, he founded Therapeutic Aphereis Center in Gaziantep on October 2010 and he took the position of Head of the unit. He worked as consulting physician in flow cytometry unit.

He was awarded the title “Professor” in 2013. He took role in 11 international clinic research projects. Prof. Yılmaz, M.D., has 9 awards in the field of medicine along with 48 articles and 44 papers published in international scientific journals and 24 articles and 90 papers published in national scientific journals.

He is member of board in hematology specialist association and experimental hematology association. He is also a member of Turkish Society of Hematology, Society of Apheresis, European Society of Hematology, Gaziantep Society of Hemophilia and Gaziantep Society of Thalassemia.  He is married and father of two children.

Prof. Yılmaz, M.D., has been working in School of Medicine, SANKO University since November 1, 2017 and started preparations for founding Hematology Division.