Nutritionist Ece  ERÖZGÜR


She was born in Gaziantep in 1993. She attended primary, secondary and high schools in Gaziantep. She was educated in Istanbul Medipol University.

She had the internship on corporate nutrition and adult and pediatric nutrition in Robert College and various private healthcare facilities. She participated to a special study on morbid obesity in Pendik Public Health Center and investigated causes of weight gain in patients. She followed up the weight losses in routine visits.

Closely dealing with nutrition of athletes, M/s Erözgür participated to studies in Gaziantepspor and Galatasaray Sport Clubs. She held a seminar on “Sports and Nutrition” for people aged 14 to 16 years, and she addressed the importance of fluid consumption and nutrition before the match and in training periods for athletes.

She participated to the seminar titled “national healthy life” held by Acıbadem University, seminar titled “Gluten sensitivity and Celiac Awareness” held by MarMara University, Bariatric Surgery Dietician seminar held by Turkish Obesity Foundation, “Reflections of Diet Therapy in Diseases to Clinical Practices” held by Gülhane Military Medical Academy, Health and Nutrition Biennial held by Nutrition Training and Research Foundation, Nutrition in Pediatric Patients held by Turkish Association of Dieticians and Metabolism and Life Symposium held by Sabri Ülker Foundation.

Considering that the healthy nutrition should be promoted in all aspects, M/s. Erözgür continues master’s degree in the field of cookery.