Being born in Gaziantep in 1980, Lecturer Demirçubuk, M.D., attended primary, secondary and high schools in Gaziantep. She was graduated from School of Medicine, Istanbul University in 2004. She started residency education in Pediatrics Clinic of Maltepe University in Istanbul, although the education was completed in Pediatrics Clinic of School of Medicine, Gaziantep University.

She completed the conscription in Hakkari State Hospital and worked as a Pediatrician in Gaziantep Pediatrics Hospital from 2011 to 2016.

Lecturer Demirçubuk, M.D., who worked in neonatal intensive care unit for a long time and has certificates on neonatal and pediatric intensive care, authored studies that are presented in national and international congresses verbally or in writing.

Lecturer Demirçubuk, M.D., has studies conducted on supervision of neonates, healthy baby and children as well as vaccines, asthma, allergic diseases and gastrointestinal diseases and she is married with 2 children.