M.D.Assoc.Prof. Gökhan GÖKASLAN


He was born in Isparta in 1974. He completed secondary school and high school educations in Isparta Anatolian High School. He started attending School of Medicine, Ege University in 1991. After being graduated as Medical Doctor in 1997, he completed his residency education in Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic of Ankara Dışkapı Teaching and Research Hospital from 1998 to 2004 and he worked in the same facility as Lecturer and Surgeon until 2008. At this interval, he gained Doctorate degree on Physiology of Heart and Circulation in Physiology Department of School of Medicine in Ankara University.

He and his team performed laser endovenous ablation surgery for varicose veins for the first time in Ankara and the second time in Turkey in 2004.

He presented results of the first 50 cases in National Vascular Surgery Congress in 2005 and he proved that incision-free laser treatment can be performed for varicose vein diseases in our country, and Tolga Soyal, M.D., pioneered the widespread use of this treatment modality in our country.

He worked at private healthcare organizations from 2008 to 2011. He started working in Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Gaziantep University as an Assistant Professor in 2011. He was awarded the title “Associate Professor” in 2014. He took office with the title of Head of Adult and Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery Departments and Divisions in Gaziantep University from 2012 to 2017. He was assigned as Head of Cardiovascular Surgery Department in Surgical Medical Disciplines Directorate in School of Medicine, SANKO University on September 2017.

He performed numerous adult and pediatric cardiac surgery operations while working in Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic of Gaziantep University. He also took part in 6 heart transplantations and approximately 40 artificial heart device placement operations under management of Prof. Haşim Üstünsoy M.D. and he received the “FAST START AWARD” for artificial heart implantation with his team.

In addition to scientific papers presented in national and international congresses and articles published in national and international journals that are listed in SCI-expanded index, he authored and edited one book on adult cardiovascular surgery and one book on pediatric cardiovascular surgery.

Fields of medical interest; heart transplantation and placement of artificial heart devices in cases of heart failure, beating heart bypass surgery, repairing heart valve without replacement in heart valve diseases, surgical treatment of congenital heart diseases in pediatric patients, surgical treatment and stent placement for aortic diseases(aneurysm or dissection), treatment of artery diseases with stent or surgery, incision-free treatments for venous system diseases (varice) with glue or laser.