Psychologist Melissa  BAŞEL ÖZTURAN


Being born in Gaziantep in 1990, Melisa Özturan started residing in Ohio Columbus County of the U.S. at very young ages.

She attended primary and high school educations in Chapman Elemantry and Villa Academy. She was a visiting student in Sanko College in the last year of the high school. She returned to Village Academy and she was graduated from the high school education with “Magma Cum Laude” degree.

She started university education in Kyrenia American University in 2008. She was graduated from Psychology Department in 2012. She was awarded the Panic Attack and Anxiety training certificate by Panadost in Ankara in 2011 and a certificate of appreciation by Kyrenia American University for her studies on disabled children.

She participated to social organizations in “Balance in N Positive Psychotherapy” model study group.

She attended and successfully completed 450-hour “Family Counseling Training”, including 300 hours of theoretical education, 30 hours of supervision and 120 hours of practice, in 2013 and she participated to congresses titled “Relieving Internal Angers” and “PDR and Psychology”.

Dealing with inpatients of Psychiatry Clinic in School of Medicine of Gaziantep University, M/s Özturan completed the internship in Village Academy Department in the U.S. in 2013 and she conducted observation studies on children in developmental period. She also conducted studies in the field of psychiatry in a private clinic.

She has been working as Psychologist in Psychiatry Clinic of Sani Konukoğlu Hospital since September 2013.