Psychologist Melis TÜMER SÜYÜR


She was born in Gaziantep in 1989. After attending high school education from 2004 to 2008, she was graduated from Gaziantep College Foundation as the student with highest rank and she was awarded the “High Honor Degree” in graduation from Psychology Division of Science and Literature School of  Maltepe University in 2013.

During her undergraduate education, she completed her internship in Vehbi Koç American Hospital as trainee psychologist. She also volunteered in many social responsibility project throughout her undergraduate education life from 2008 to 2013. She worked as intern psychologist in Erenköy Mental Health and Disorders Hospital from 2012 to 2013. She took office in Neşe Erberk Joyfull House Ataşehir as Assistant Psychologist in 2013.

She completed Masters Program of Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department in Gaziantep University with honor degree. She was awarded the title “Senior Psychologist”. She participated to many seminars and made numerous presentations on trauma and pediatric psychology in her undergraduate and postgraduate education. She successfully completed “Family and Couple Therapy” education while she studies postgraduate program, should the fall semester was reserved for supervision. She has been working as Senior Psychologist in Sani Konukoğlu Hospital since August 2013. She took office as lecturer to teach “Introduction to Psychology” in SANKO University in fall term in education year 2014-2015.

She has many professional fields of interest such as; childhood and adolescence problems, attention disorder and hyperactivity in children and adolescents, dyslexia( learning disorder),neglected and abused children and adults. Exam anxiety, school success, depression, anxiety, OCD, panic attack, mourning, loss, Family counseling, marriage therapist (marriage problems, conflicts and relations). Senior Psychologist Melis Suyur can apply numerous clinical scales and inventories such as MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory), Gessel Mental Development Test, Frostig Visual Perception Test, Metropolitan School Maturity Test, Denver Developmental Screening Test, D2 Attention Test, Goodenough Harris Drawing Test and AGTE( Ankara Development Screening Inventory).

Courses and trainings participated by Ms. Süyür; (YA-PA) Reflections of Multiple Intelligence and Classification Theories on Education” Mrs. Emily Boys Stevenson” (2010), (YA-PA) Educational Seminar titled “Teaching and Learning Methods for Teachers” Mrs. Sue Briggs” (2010), (YA-PA) Elites of Class, Maximum Productivity Application Examples in Education According to Personal Differences” Mrs. Emily Boys Stevenson” (2010), (YA-PA) Music And Rhythm Perception, Methods for Teaching Songs to Children” Assist. Prof. Ercan Mertoğlu, M.D.” (2010), (YA-PA) Application of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Model and Bloom’s Taxonomy with Multiple Intelligence according to Personal Differences” Mrs. Emily Boys Stevenson” (2010), Maltepe University 3rd  Social Responsibility Studies Student Symposium: With Children II – participation with verbal presentation (May 16-17, 2012), “Intervention to Traumatic Children” Training Certificate “Assist Prof. Nalan Linda Fraim, M.D.” (December 15-16, 2012), Reflections on School Window: “Pediatric and Adolescent Depression and their Images in School” Symposium Prof Mehmet Sungur, M.D. –Neslihan Zabcı” (January 12, 2013