Patient Rights

Everybody applying to this healthcare organization HAS THESE RIGHTS.

Using the service generally:
In the framework of equity and rightness principles, using the activities aimed at stimulating healthy life and preventive healthcare services

Accessing the service in equity:
Getting services regardless of race, language, religion and beliefs, gender, politics, philosophical belief and economical and social status

Getting information about what the services and facilities are

Choosing and Changing the Healthcare Facility:
Choosing and changing the Healthcare Organization and using the healthcare services given in that Healthcare Organization

Recognizing, choosing and changing the personnel:
Learning, choosing and changing the identities, jobs and titles of doctors and other personnel giving the healthcare service

Demanding Information:
Demanding all oral or written information about the state of health.

Getting services in privacy

Approval and Permission:
Taking permission of the patient in medical intervention and using the service with the patient’s approval

Refusing and Stopping the Treatment:
Refusing the treatment and demanding the stopping of treatment

Getting services in a secure medium

Execution of religious obligation:
Executing the religious obligations within the facilities of the organization and within the precautions taken by the management

Being respected:
Getting respectful ,kind and caring healthcare service

Getting healthcare service in a medium where all kinds of hygienic requirements are satisfied and all the factors disposed of loud and annoying.

Accepting visitors in accordance with the principles and procedures set by the institutions and organizations

Keeping Companion:
Wanting to keep companion if the doctor deems appropriate and within the means of legislation, healthcare institutions and organizations

The Rights of Appealing, Complaint and Lawsuit
Using all types of rights of appealing, complaint and lawsuit within the legislation in case of violation of rights

Nonstop Service
Utilizing the healthcare services as long as necessary

Expressing Thoughts:
Expressing thoughts about the services provided

For further information, look at the official gazette published in 01.08.1998.

Update Date: 5/27/2013 1:57:09 PM