Caregiver Rules

  • The caregiver must be healthy. (must not have a flu, cold, chronic illnesses etc.)
  • The caregiver suspected of being ill must inform the nurse.
  • Only one caregiver can stay in the patient’s room. As the doctor may deem advisable, according to the condition of the patient, a second caregiver can stay in the patient’s room.
  • Caregivers must get information from the doctor and the nurse about the illness of the patient and treatment policy.
  • Caregivers must act in accordance with the companion meal times.
  • Caregivers must carry their caregiver cards.
  • Caregiver card must be shown to the officer in charge by request.
  • The service nurse must be informed about caregiver changes.
  • The caregiver card must be given back to the floor consultant when the patient is discharged
  • Caregivers must not sit on the patient’s bed in order to ensure safety and health of the visitor and patient.
  • Trays must not be put on the floor or in front of the doors.
  • Electric switch must not be left switch on and faucets must not be left opened.
  • Inside of the hospital, smoking is forbidden.
  • Hospital hygiene rules must be paid attention.
  • It is forbidden to bring food into the hospital. Caregivers must obey this rule.
  • Patients must not be disturbed by speaking loudly.

Caregivers must not enter the rooms which have “NO ENTRANCE” expression.

Update Date: 5/27/2013 2:07:33 PM