Cardiovascular Surgery Outpatient clinic

First operation was performed on 18 September 1997 in Cardiovascular Surgery Outpatient clinic of Private Sani Konukoğlu Hospital which was founded in 1996.

Cardiovascular Surgery Outpatient clinic of Sani Konukoğlu Private Hospital has gained a leader position in the region and the position is further supported by increasing number and type of operations; finally, our hospital is a respected healthcare facility in Turkey and a reference hospital in the region.

In our outpatient clinic, following surgeries are performed:  coronary bypass surgery, cardiac valve surgery, congenital heart disease surgery, laparoscopic/robotic cardiac surgeries and peripheral vascular diseases surgery.

In our outpatient clinic, 3 different teams are working in the field of  cardiovascular surgery.

Cardiac surgeries are performed in operating theaters which are equipped with hepa filter and laminar flow. Patients stay in single and suit rooms in postoperative period. In all these suit rooms, there are power beds moving at all directions, phone, bath and toilet, cable tv and central air conditioning system.

CVS Clinic deals largely with coronary bypass surgery. In addition, cardiac valve surgery, congenital cardiac disease surgery and all vascular surgeries and surgical treatment of varicose veins are performed.

Phone: 0.342.211 50 00 (5132) 

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